Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Recipe for college students: How to make a cup of ramen noodles.

How to properly prepare your hot Cup of Noodles, a recipe for college students

Here's an easy tutorial on how to make your Nissin or Maruchan ramen noodle cup
in just a few minutes. Haven't you ever wanted to make the simplest tutorial ever?

Prep: Cleaning the Ramen Noodle Cup

maruchan cup of noodles in packaging

Step 1: get your ramen noodle cup.

Purchase a cup of noodles from your local supermarket. #BuyLocal
Place your noodle cup somewhere that gives you enough room to work.
I recommend a cleared countertop, or table in or close to the kitchen.

ramen noodle cup packaging being torn

Step 2: remove the outer shell.

This is the first step to begin skinning the ramen cup and stripping away all of the
inedible components. If you flip the cup upside down you will see a tab that is easy to disconnect.
Grasp each end between your thumb and forefinger, using your left hand for one
and your right for the other. Pull outward until you can fold the shell away from the cup.
Remove the ramen cup and turn it back over.

removing plastic wrap from cup of noodles

Step 3: remove the plastic cover.

Using your fingers or fork (carefully), tear off the plastic shrinkwrap.

peeling the lid off ramen cup of noodles

Step 4: peel the lid back HALFWAY.

Very important. Using the tab, lift and peel the paper lid backwards.
STOP at the halfway point, conveniently marked for you on the lid itself.

water in a saucepan on a lit stove

Step 5: prepare your broth water.

You're gonna want a saucepan or a pot, your favorite H2O, and a stovetop burner.
Fill the pot almost halfway with the water.
You will have extra, so if you're confident in yourself you can eyeball it.
Turn on the stove.

Step 6: let the water boil.

Here's video proof that some watched pots will indeed boil.
You know it's boiling when bubbles are magically appearing
and rising up with hissing noises.

Step 7: pour the VERY HOT water in the ramen cup.

Watch your fingers with this one.
I recommend placing the ramen cup in the sink and bending the lid at the
halfway point for accuracy and spill prevention.
Fill it to the line etched in the inside of the cup.

maruchan cup of noodles instant lunch and a fork

Step 8: cover and wait about three minutes.

Put the lid back down over the cup. If you folded it like me, you can use the
fork you'll be eating with to hold the lid in place.
Wait at least three minutes, I forget and get to it after six or seven minutes.
Either way, you gotta wait.

Step 9: eat your ramen cup and recycle the packaging.

No satire here, make sure to recycle the packaging. Enjoy your cup of noodles! 

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